In May 2017, Robert Leedy received the honor of being voted ONE of the NINE BEST ART TEACHERS in Jacksonville (out of 178 instructors overall) by

Here's what they said: "Robert Leedy Watercolors focuses on teaching students the fun and challenging medium of watercolor painting. The accomplished Jacksonville-area artist conducts classes, workshops, and private studio instruction where participants learn the foundational principles of art and watercolor painting. He welcomes students of all skill levels from beginning through advanced depending on the individual class session. Classes are designed as on-going, however, the instructor welcomes new student participation. Robert Leedy Watercolors exposes students to color mixtures, color mingling, design, composition, value structure, brush handling, glazing, and many other fundamental skills. The instructor maintains a relaxed and non-intimidating atmosphere in which students can learn and explore the world of watercolor painting. Robert Leedy Watercolors emphasizes working with light and bold color while encouraging individuals to develop and pursue a personal style."


Best Painting & Drawing Teachers in Jacksonville

In addition to classes & workshops offered below, private instruction classes from my studio are available based on schedule availability. My private instruction rate is $50 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours per session. To make this more affordable, I offer the same group rate at the same minimum 3 hour session with a maximum of 3 students per private instruction. For larger groups interested in private instruction, contact me for rates and availability. Art materials are not included with private instruction.



Mondays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, April 2nd thru May 7th, 2018 (six classes)
This class will be held at Reddi-Arts, 1037 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32207, (904) 398-3161, ext. 319.
Watercolor is a fun and challenging medium! Join Robert Leedy to explore color mixtures, color mingling, design & composition, value structure, brush handling, glazing and more. This class is designed as an ongoing watercolor class for regular students though new students are also welcomed! Intermediate Level or better watercolor skills are recommended yet if you have equivalent skills in other painting mediums, you should be fine. Students will work from a still life in class or photographs supplied.  Individual instruction and pursuit of a personal style is encouraged. To reserve your space - Call (904) 398-3161, ext.319.

Cost: $195
Materials not included.
Class participants receive a "SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT" on all art supplies sold at Reddi-Arts.